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The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume 2 : Macroeconomics

I read the first book. Then the second. The reason I picked up the first book was that one word - CARTOON. What an interesting way to learn about economics!The Book

The Cartoon Introduction to Macroeconomics" Approaches economics in a way easy to like and understand for my age. Although, at some times it gets a little complicated a little too quickly. Other than that, the book is great!

Unlike the other book, this book uses fun and interesting concepts like aliens to describe outsourcing, and a roller coaster to describe the business cycle.

Now, instead of just knowing what my dad’s power points mean I’m actually interested to read more economics books! No, no, I’m not saying that this will get you “wasting” money on books, (but buying, selling, and trading it in the way to boost the economy!) I’m saying that it will get you (or your kids, depending on who is reading this) a new educational interest!

The likeliness of a “Volume 3” is very low (despite the cliff-hanger and unanswered economic questions at the end). Although if there is anything else that an economics book can be written about, I would hope that Klein and Bauman make a third book. Maybe to fill in the cliff-hanger, or maybe a book on economics in general, or maybe even a book entirely dedicated to the economic part school life!

I would recommend this book, if not the other one as well, to anyone of any age willing to learn. Yes, 5 stars for this book! Or else why would I, an eleven year old boy, be writing this review?